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Saturday, May 06, 2006


There is a famous ad on TV carried by many Tamil Channels. A magazine which uses freebies for its promotion. Sometimes it is a packet of milk, sometimes it is a few chocolates along with the issue (the magazine) and everytime the issue has some freebie to accompany.

Political scenario today in TN is similar in terms of how the product is getting marketed. Political parties have announced so many freebies that one is left confused choosing the right freebie that he wants....oh sorry! the right party that should be given a chance. From rice, to colour television, to gold (thalee / mangalsutr), to computer, to free land for farmers, to wiping the debts of farmers and what not, the parties haven't left any stone unturned. The elector is left completely confused.

There is a cap or control on how much a party can spend on election campaigning but there is no control over their promises. Although wiping off debts will bring good to the farmers, obviously the most battered lot, as always (It is a different issue that the promises when fulfilled reach very few people who are deserving). Other than this, everything else that the parties offer lack reason enough to touch the tax-payer's money. One wonders if there is any regulation to control what a party intends to do with tax-payer's money. In actual terms they use the tax-payer's money to come to power rather than their own. The motive is clear, the seat of power.

The parties need to do more homework on how much will be the expenditure to fulfill a particular promise. Rather the parties should present "the quantified benefit(s) vis-a-vis cost" for every scheme they propose, something that corporate firms are expected to do exhibiting transparency and to comply with corporate governance laws.

The electors are becoming more informed and wiser. The political parties too will learn their lessons. With fresher minds joining the political stream this is imminent.

The people of TN are no more "sentimental idiots". There is nothing called a free lunch (both for the parties and the public).

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