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Sunday, November 05, 2006

I wish i could....

Worried and troubled by a particular picture i saw today....posted by one of my best friends.

It is wanting to tell something to the whole world. I dont know the reason behind it and i am unable to do anything about it. A wait and watch situation.
A feeling of helplessness and desperation has engulfed me.

There is also some kind of a time-deadline attached to adds more fuel to the fire. Its totally puzzling.

It feels as if i have gone back a couple of decades in time...unable to establish contact. Mobile, email, messenger all of no use.

I wish i could understand what the problem is.
I wish i could do something, if there is a crisis.

My ears are yearning to listen to this friend. The least bit i could do is....lend my ears.

Hope the situation is not as bad as i assume, sitting here so far away, in darkness.

Waiting for your call dear!!


  • Rammy, when you wish something earnestly and especially when that is for someone else your prayers will come true.

    You will hear from that friend soon :-)

    By Blogger Gulmohar, at 8:11 AM  

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