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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life for some is....

I have a friend whose one kidney was not manufactured properly by the almighty. The other one is on the verge of resigning from duty.

We all go through so many challenges every day. But the biggest challenge is when Living itself becomes a challenge. The feeling of being unproductive. Carrying a big burden that you are a expensive burden.

Requires Mental Stamina.....simply because physical stamina is continuously being sapped.

The ordeal of going though dialysis. Being dependent. Idle (but the brain is never many negatives dance in your brain...the Future looks bleak, the present is not pleasant and the past seems to be a golden age).

Thousand times The question arises .....WHY ME??

I wish one could do something about all this.

If each one could hear what the other person's prayer is, there wouldnt be any problem in the world.

He requires a transplant. Post transplant would be a challenge but the challenge brings with it a ray of hope too.

Hope his ordeal ends soon.


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