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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Following Global industry standards....a farce

TCS has reduced the number of days of vacation an employee can avail from 22 to 16 and this is towards accepting global standards.... (Actually aimed at improving productivity...hehe, i doubt if the desired result wuld be achieved)

What a farce this is...

Globally remuneration paid to employees are on a hourly basis. Any extra hour worked after regular work timings shall be at extra cost. With such a system, neither the employee nor the employer has reason to complain of over work or over paid for less work. And the employee has enough time for himself. Happy with 15 days of "guaranteed" vacation time...all for himself.

But works for 16 hours or 12 hours the salary paid is same. And you are "expected" to work extra time. else you are an alien. With such standards of work, how can TCS decide to empbrace only one aspect of global standards.

All these are the ill-effects of Globalization and race to provide cost-competitive solutions.

Written with due-regards for TCS as an emerging giant in the Global Software domain.

HCL and Infosys are not far behind


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