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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Corporate Reality

Watched "Corporate" y'day. A Madhur Bhandarkar film...very typical of him. One would agree if he had watched "Page 3". But Corporate was a bit predictable, a good one though.

Corporate was a good one in terms of depicting a corporate life style. How ppl socialize in the Corporate world ....relationships between colleagues, between archrivals and their own families. How one can back-stab the other for his survival or rather for the business to survive.

The role of the politician was played to perfection (I bet any politician would agree...hehe

Just one song in the film...O Sikandar O Sikandar....few lines (the lyrics) are good

Moral of the 2.5 hr movie: Use your Brains while at work. If one chooses to use the heart he is doomed.


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