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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The last one month has been hectic...with so much work around.

Couple of my colleagues down one after the other with the notorious "Chikungunya"
That increased the load on me....sick of it. Felt real lonely.

And while i was just getting through this success spurred another...hardwork paid off.

And so much happening with me (nothing but work..:(...)
"Something else" that happened at work also disturbed me a lot. It just went on to speed up my decision to quit and start something of my own....where one doesnt have to listen/bear injustice and ruthlessness. Now i am all the more sure of this.

And finally.....Mr. Rajshekar Reddy targetting Ramoji Rao... for Eenadu having published "revealing" articles about him. The AP CM joins the long list of corrupt, dictatorial remorseless and politicians. He thinks the public has brains in the As$. Its time he is removed either by Congress or worst by the public. Deserves a good lesson.

Now with a couple of days off from work......its just heaven. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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