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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Imsai and only Imsai

Watched "Pulikecei the 23rd" yesterday. The story was differently styled with a comedian in lead....Vadivelu. Vadivelu did a good job in the double role.
Worth watching once. A couple of scenes were good.

The other vadivelu (ukkirabuthan) resembled more of MGR. The lady, playing his partner was beautiful, had a beautiful smile....couldnt get her name though.

But in my opinion the director didnt do justice enough. For a film completely relying on comedy for its success, it called for more wit.... the punch (vayaru valikka sirikkarathu) was missing in it
....only non-hilarious-Imsai

And I happened to watch this film in Devi Theatre. I got a corner seat (ultimate corner). Lots of mosquitoes. The lights were dimmed by the time i took my seat. During the intermission, i found that my seat was torn with all the coir adorning the seat and also my back. With no AC, it was not at all enjoyable. Couldnt ask for more...It just added to the Imsai.


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