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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today was another boring day at work......itna bada order jo liya hai...execute karte karte chakkar aa raha hai.

Called up Padhu for dinner.....we headed straight for Brilliant Tutorials Dosa Point....heard there is a community for it in Orkut. Had 3 good dosas and a bisleri....was not sure if the bisleri was genuine. but had no choice and gulped it down.

I had given my dear Splendor+...for Servicing. And being Forrest Gump...(I saw it yday so cant help comparing myself with him), i havent taken my bike back for the last 4 days. Whenever i realise it is already too late for the day.

So i told Padhu to drop me at Vadapalani....but then there was no one at home. Today was Basant sab log koi mandir gaye. (....I found some way out of it). So we decided to sit and chit chat...we went off to Natesan Park...and mosquitoes gave good company.

Then i got a call from dad ..."Hum log ravana ho gaye"....and we started off too. I suddenly had the desire to ride the Enfield...Padhu's bullet. And i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....all the way from Natesan Park to Vadapalani. It was not all that tough as i thought. Maybe because traffic was sparse.

Riding the Enfield was the highlight of the day....its good to learn new things....makes life interesting.


  • Have u seen the hoarding with the message-"When was the last time u did something for the first time"..
    Guess u have an answer for it now..unlike me:D

    By Blogger anup, at 12:07 PM  

  • @ anup
    havent seen that da....but i got the message ...:D

    i know better abt u da.

    By Blogger Ramesh, at 12:48 PM  

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