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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finances... and Filing Returns

And its time to file my returns....rather the last two days. I ponder over Form 2E. Trying to fill it with info...on my finances.

Talking abt my finances.....well, i am bad at keeping my finances intact. Never keep a track. Infact i fail to see how much i have in my wallet before i set out to buy something. Its mostly my Yellow card, green card that helps...the credit cards.

Talking abt finances....I attended a crashcourse on basic accounting, ledger....preparing and interpretting Balance Sheets. Kudos to the tutor Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan - a proffessor in one of the leading colleges in Chennai. Only after I attended his classes do I wonder why I decided not to take up commerce....Actually I joined Commerce and found it boring and switched to Science.

Maybe its the engineer in me who is apreciating the inferences that one can make out of accounts and balance sheets. Finance is a huge sea where one keeps learning and discovering new aspects.

Coming back to filing my returns....Ppl in my office have outsourced this job to a tax-consultant. 150 Bucks, sign the sheet, give relevant proofs and you get back a stamped form in 2-3 hrs.
But I feel one should file his return or rather know whats in it even if he is going to outsource. Afterall its your money...hard-earned.

So I am planning to file it today....and come out victorious.


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