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Friday, March 30, 2007

Humans - we are Mighty...yes we are

Life is a new experience everyday. New challenges, new obstacles to face, unexpected turn of events, unusual circumstances. And all this just hits on the face not giving any time to prepare.

The answer is our inertia...our inability to accept change. We may still accept, but it is not easy. It means foregoing the dreams, trashing the plans, falsifying what we believed was true. Most of all, we are hit by the reality that we are helpless and we have no choice but to accept whatever is forced on us.

The number of elements that we can control are very less...most of the time it is only one...ourselves. And hence we go through the grind.

The above is the case across the human race irrespective of any divisions that have been laid down by us. Only the obstacle is different, challenges are different. Enormity remains same....BIG, else it would never be a challenge. Yes, on hind sight the same challenge could become an easy to tackle issue, if posed again....or sometimes it is just nothing...because we have already been through the tunnel and we are now equipped.

It is the cloud of emotions, the turmoil that one has to go through when met with a "no-choice situation" which makes life seem bleak, God non-existent. And this is the time when one's stand becomes "I will stay aloof. I dont need anyone. I shall be like this. Let me see how things dont change."

But nothing is impossible. Humans are the most robust of control systems i.e no matter what change happens in the system, we can adapt to the situation. And we can fight the adversity. We have the power to see through the haziness. We can sail through the storm.

Sometimes we realise we have a few qualities that never surfaced before. We then start loving life again. Now that we have become mighty, we also have the heart to understand others plight when it comes to situations similar to the ones we faced.

Humans we are, we are mighty. We need to be more understanding of others, thats all.

If each one could hear what the other person's prayer is, there wouldnt be any problem in the world.

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  • nice blog

    By Blogger ankurindia, at 2:27 AM  

  • Very nice insight..
    wondering where the last line's from..??

    By Anonymous preethi, at 8:51 AM  

  • @ Ankur

    thanks...and the last line - ofcourse you are right, it is taken from somewhere...dont know where from.

    By Blogger Ramesh, at 3:12 PM  

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