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Thursday, August 03, 2006

my 3oo

Thats my 300th scrap on orkut.....Lara, sehwag would have felt great hitting their 300th run. Similar is my feeling....hehe.

ppl have 3000 scraps. but all that is crap.

Today, for the 300th time, i tried going early to office, only to find that a big container lorry with its tyres implanted into the road. Not the driver's fault. Some govt. department had dug that road up and the next day it was as if some alien creature's foot mark....huge and barbaric. And hence this time too i failed...caught in the traffic, cursing that "digger".

And it may be the 3 millionth time that the politicians stage a drama...huge hue & cry...and finally saying that "i only told that something went wrong". It is for the govt to detect, what went wrong. Yes, our great Jaswant Singhji....with his story of the "mole" leaking "nuclear secrets" to the US in the 1990s. I only think "isnt it too too late, what with all this Nuclear Agreement with the US" (which is totally unclear and hazy to public eyes), there is very less in secrecy. Hope I am wrong.

With so much crap doing rounds....End of the day I am happy that I hit my 300, the scrap.


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