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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bidding Adieu....

It was a long day y'day. Been to Gummidipoondi to meet some (many) clients. Good effort i should say. Was with my colleague.

And in the evening, it was a farewell...a send-off party. An emotive farewell personally for me...its so for many others working with me.

I first met him on 2nd April 2005. It was dusk...sun had set and i entered the hall. lots of work was going on. stage was being readied. chairs being arranged in cluster format. The biggies going for a dress change. Some more time left for the product launch. and i get introduced to my would-be colleagues. And i met a person who introduces himself and holds my hand.... like two friends do while walking on the beach....that was him...Prakash my boss.

For abt 2-3 months my association was only limited to a Good Morning, eye meeting eye firm hand shake.

I remember our first outstation Pondicherry..and i was snoring in the car all the way. I still muse thinking abt it.

In July or so last year my seat was shifted opposite to his. That was when i started to work more closely with him. The Good Morning and handshakes continued. What followed was a slew of questions from me...technical, commercial, some strategies...many silly and a few brilliant ones ofcourse :D.

Interacting with him, I picked up a lot in terms of technical stuff.. also i learnt how to deal with people...peers, seniors, important clients, clients who were resistive. His way of working influenced me. His clarity of thought - in work, in understanding people and understanding situations was outstanding....last one is pretty tough. 15 out of 20 days in a month i would be late to office. With his subtle gestures he used to send across the msg that it isnt good to come late. Never have i recieved a blasting for it.

I have committed a few major blunders which cost the company financially and also the image took a beating. I used to get tensed. But he was there for me always. He used to tell me "We can handle it, don't worry". And he used to be one with me in figuring out how the mistake happened and how it could be solved.

A recent irate customer called up and blared at Prakash for a mistake committed by a fellow colleague and me. And Prakash was in the hospital with his dad for a medical test. After listening to the harrow of words from a disconcerted customer He called me from the hospital and said..."We can handle it don't worry". Anybody else in a situation as his would have given me a good lesson.

I admire his approach towards life, towards ppl, and towards work.

Prakash is moving to Mumbai to take up an all-india function...he is definitely going to make it big.

It's an honour to have worked with you.
Wishing you all the best.


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