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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today was another boring day at work......itna bada order jo liya hai...execute karte karte chakkar aa raha hai.

Called up Padhu for dinner.....we headed straight for Brilliant Tutorials Dosa Point....heard there is a community for it in Orkut. Had 3 good dosas and a bisleri....was not sure if the bisleri was genuine. but had no choice and gulped it down.

I had given my dear Splendor+...for Servicing. And being Forrest Gump...(I saw it yday so cant help comparing myself with him), i havent taken my bike back for the last 4 days. Whenever i realise it is already too late for the day.

So i told Padhu to drop me at Vadapalani....but then there was no one at home. Today was Basant sab log koi mandir gaye. (....I found some way out of it). So we decided to sit and chit chat...we went off to Natesan Park...and mosquitoes gave good company.

Then i got a call from dad ..."Hum log ravana ho gaye"....and we started off too. I suddenly had the desire to ride the Enfield...Padhu's bullet. And i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....all the way from Natesan Park to Vadapalani. It was not all that tough as i thought. Maybe because traffic was sparse.

Riding the Enfield was the highlight of the day....its good to learn new things....makes life interesting.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Scorp

It has been real hectic at office since november. (and i come home prettty LATE beyond 11 pm...only to sleep...not even for dinner). On New Year Day 1 Jan 07, got up at 5 o clock, the car was waiting outside.....picked p a colleague and then we went straight to a client's place ...that sums up the state of affairs.

Well, i am not complaining because all that has resulted into some good successes, the last one was a big one....real big!!

On 3rd of Jan we recieved the LOI for 11 Mio Rupees..... Time to celebrate. Executing such a big order in 2 weeks is a challenge. And had to stay late night that day too....logging orders on our factory.

And now something interesting.....i called up my buddy - Padhu to have dinner...a quick one. We were at Saravan Bhavan (no other option yet) Peter's road. And we were dining in Velli Thattu...thats what i call it, dinner is served in silver plates.

We chose a table facing the road.....who cares about the road. It was also facing another table on the far side from the restaurant's entrance....a real beauty sitting faced in my direction. And that was it,,,, i ordered....a 14 idli, followed by a dosa and then a curd rice (all this was too much for me and i had to have all these quickly) ..the girl was softer than all these dishes....hehe.

I was telling Padhu that the girl had to be a Scorp (....effect of reading Linda Goodman's)....and he asked me why am i saying that. He wanted to get up and ask her if she was one, but....she had come with her family....huh. I dont know if she knew we were talking about her all the time and about my admiration.

I enjoyed eating all the dishes.....i had to devour quickly.

And Padhu too had reason to be happy....5 girls walked into the restaurant and sat on the table next to ours. Padhu said these girls are from University of Iowa...this was more incredible than my judgement of her being a Scorp....He had seen a hoarding "Welcome to students of University of Iowa" at another hotel earlier in the day and indeed, their English had a heavy US accent. He picked his "best of the lot" and I gave my nominations too...hehe. I liked the one in all black(...she was pretty)

.....the Scorp was the highlight of the day. Hope to see her again some day.