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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

Well, well, well...what do i say about this movie. Its a good movie. Makes me introspect...Do i work hard enough?? And do i splurge money unnecessarily??

One needs patience to watch this flick. And to appreciate the a much more difficult task. Because we are ready to pay Rs.120 for a ticket at INOX...once upon a time it used to be big money...and it is still big money to many...yeah, many...So, one is not able to empathise with Chris and his struggle...he has just $22 and a son to take care, no shelter and no job...only an internship and grit.Normally indian cinema portrays struggle in "one song" and then the lead character just strikes success repeatedly. But here, the whole film is about the struggle and the sweet success is the last 2 minutes.

It tells me... that i am in a very comfortable position in life and to appreciate what i have with me and work hard, give my best. Also, tells me to empathise with people.

If you havent seen the movie...above will seem crap.."blah blah". So Go and See the movie for yourself.

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