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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finances... and Filing Returns

And its time to file my returns....rather the last two days. I ponder over Form 2E. Trying to fill it with info...on my finances.

Talking abt my finances.....well, i am bad at keeping my finances intact. Never keep a track. Infact i fail to see how much i have in my wallet before i set out to buy something. Its mostly my Yellow card, green card that helps...the credit cards.

Talking abt finances....I attended a crashcourse on basic accounting, ledger....preparing and interpretting Balance Sheets. Kudos to the tutor Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan - a proffessor in one of the leading colleges in Chennai. Only after I attended his classes do I wonder why I decided not to take up commerce....Actually I joined Commerce and found it boring and switched to Science.

Maybe its the engineer in me who is apreciating the inferences that one can make out of accounts and balance sheets. Finance is a huge sea where one keeps learning and discovering new aspects.

Coming back to filing my returns....Ppl in my office have outsourced this job to a tax-consultant. 150 Bucks, sign the sheet, give relevant proofs and you get back a stamped form in 2-3 hrs.
But I feel one should file his return or rather know whats in it even if he is going to outsource. Afterall its your money...hard-earned.

So I am planning to file it today....and come out victorious.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Imsai and only Imsai

Watched "Pulikecei the 23rd" yesterday. The story was differently styled with a comedian in lead....Vadivelu. Vadivelu did a good job in the double role.
Worth watching once. A couple of scenes were good.

The other vadivelu (ukkirabuthan) resembled more of MGR. The lady, playing his partner was beautiful, had a beautiful smile....couldnt get her name though.

But in my opinion the director didnt do justice enough. For a film completely relying on comedy for its success, it called for more wit.... the punch (vayaru valikka sirikkarathu) was missing in it
....only non-hilarious-Imsai

And I happened to watch this film in Devi Theatre. I got a corner seat (ultimate corner). Lots of mosquitoes. The lights were dimmed by the time i took my seat. During the intermission, i found that my seat was torn with all the coir adorning the seat and also my back. With no AC, it was not at all enjoyable. Couldnt ask for more...It just added to the Imsai.

A Crush..... got bowled first ball

I met a lady last week...(cant call any1 a girl...some1 of comparable age).... seen her a couple of yrs ago too.

After that its only now that i am seeing her, ufffffff......just got bowled..first ball. And every other guy with me felt similar seeing her..."bowled out". One guy said...he was in Love with her first sight...hehe

Heartbeat goes haywire seeing her. Good that i dont see her often everyday.....

Seems to be another game of the hormones.... but it was a nice feeling, thanks to her:)

...Lets see how long it lasts

Gazab ka hai din... socho zara.... Ye deewanappan dekho zara....

Monday, July 24, 2006 exploding

Chennai today is becoming the most sought after destination...not only for IT / Mobile phone related companies. But also for companies engaged in core engineering products. Its great to see some of the global giants in various sectors planning something in Chennai.

Being in Marketing targetting projects is my job, and such news is more than just a news for me.

Hope the developement continues.... improving infrastructure. Developement happens only if the govt focusses on it. For a change its not a full fledged witch-hunt for the new govt. :)....Lets focus only on Development.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Corporate Reality

Watched "Corporate" y'day. A Madhur Bhandarkar film...very typical of him. One would agree if he had watched "Page 3". But Corporate was a bit predictable, a good one though.

Corporate was a good one in terms of depicting a corporate life style. How ppl socialize in the Corporate world ....relationships between colleagues, between archrivals and their own families. How one can back-stab the other for his survival or rather for the business to survive.

The role of the politician was played to perfection (I bet any politician would agree...hehe

Just one song in the film...O Sikandar O Sikandar....few lines (the lyrics) are good

Moral of the 2.5 hr movie: Use your Brains while at work. If one chooses to use the heart he is doomed.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life for some is....

I have a friend whose one kidney was not manufactured properly by the almighty. The other one is on the verge of resigning from duty.

We all go through so many challenges every day. But the biggest challenge is when Living itself becomes a challenge. The feeling of being unproductive. Carrying a big burden that you are a expensive burden.

Requires Mental Stamina.....simply because physical stamina is continuously being sapped.

The ordeal of going though dialysis. Being dependent. Idle (but the brain is never many negatives dance in your brain...the Future looks bleak, the present is not pleasant and the past seems to be a golden age).

Thousand times The question arises .....WHY ME??

I wish one could do something about all this.

If each one could hear what the other person's prayer is, there wouldnt be any problem in the world.

He requires a transplant. Post transplant would be a challenge but the challenge brings with it a ray of hope too.

Hope his ordeal ends soon.